Who am I? Why am I here?

Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot's running mate, asked those questions at the Vice Presidential Debate in 1992. It got a laugh from the audience. Laughter is important. It connects us, shows we are sharing joy and happiness. It also relieves stress. I believe in laughter.

Importantly, we also need to be able to laugh at ourselves. It shows humility. We're all works in progress, and mistakes are part of life. I believe in humility.

I believe in influencing healthy growth for myself and those connected to me. My family, my friends, my clients, my community. Through dedicated time and energy, I work to positively influence healthy growth with love, acceptance and empathy (and also a bit of creativity).

I believe in learning, always. There is always more to know, not just intellectually but also emotionally, about yourself and everyone you encounter and everyone with whom you have a relationship.

If you are a close reader, you picked up that "with whom." I also believe in grammar when writing. I try not to be annoying about it, but I know I am a work in progress there, too.

Coaching work is a positive and joyful growth experience. That's why it's my sole focus in my career. I believe in its capacity to influence positive change. I believe in the capability of all people to become ever better in the ways they desire.

I feel tremendous joy being someone who helps positive change happen. My clients and I share laughter, sometimes at the occasional absurdity of life, but more often at the joy of their successfully making yet another step toward living and working the way they want.