How might we work together?

Coaching Services

Contact me directly to learn more about mapping a coaching journey for you or people in your organization.

Founders & Executives

Become a better leader and manager. Be people-first to build an organization that excels.

Why? If you're not regularly assessing the emotional data provided by your team and organization and figuring out how to optimize your organization, you're working with one hand behind your back. People are the heart of your business. Humans are social animals connected by emotion. You need to see the whole person in order to deliver on your goals.

How? Use emotional analytics for a start. First, we gather the emotional data you're missing or not using effectively. Together we'll apply proven tools and approaches that leverage the human brain's operating system.

What will you see at the end? Your stronger emotional skills will make you and your team markedly more harmonious, efficient and able to execute. You will possess a deeper understanding of complex situations, experience true optionality, and make better decisions.

Physician Leaders

As a former psychiatrist who also has health tech and 10+ years of business experience leading teams and driving change and innovation initiatives, I'm uniquely positioned to help new physician leaders as a thought partner.

During my time at Accenture (before attending medical school), when I consulted with physicians they rightly said I didn't understand their perspective. After getting my M.D. from Columbia, I truly understood what they meant. Leverage my business and medical experience to make your leadership or role transition smooth and exceptionally productive.

Business Coaching

Looking for practical advice and help on how to optimize your business operations and processes? As a sounding board with deep business experience and training, I can help you execute with discipline to reach your goals.

Having worked with top corporations and leading startups for years, I also bring an experienced consultant's eye to your specific business challenges and opportunities. Together we can leverage best practices from your industry and others to implement solutions to help you grow.


Life Coaching

Scientific research clearly shows that the quality of our relationships strongly influences our mental and physical health. Authentic and positive relationships lead to a longer and more satisfying life.

How might you improve your relationships? The first step is to realize that we all learn our relationship skills. That means further learning and exploration improves them.

Together we will assess your skills and then make a plan to improve your ability to form mutually respectful and rewarding relationships with your partner, family and friends.

What will you see in a short time? A more fulfilling life.